What the Home of Future Looks Like

Fantastic five-minute video from Corning to show you how a family of the future might interact with everything in the home and workplace.

What will the the connected home of the future look like? How will we interact with displays and controls?

Glass manufacturer Corning offers its vision of the future with this amazing 5-minute video.

The company foresees interactive screens everywhere, and I mean everywhere! In the bedroom, bathroom, refrigerator, kitchen countertops, bus stops, automobiles, workplace and of course, the home theater. Not to mention portable flexible glass screens also. Each screen communicates with the smartphone and immediately transfers data, and, of course, each system depends on some sort of glass (that’s where Corning comes in!). But the real crux of the video for integrators is the connectivity.

The video, called “A Day Made of Glass,” is nearly a year old but has 16 million views on YouTube. While watching it, I couldn’t help but think about all the digital signage and displays in the movie “Blade Runner”, but this Corning video paints a much brighter picture.



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