About Us

SciFiHomes, Inc. is built on the foundation of experience, reliability, integrity, and customer satisfaction provided by certified professional technicians. The founders of SciFiHomes, Anthony Growden and Marshall Sampson, Jr., bring 40+ years of experience in designing, building, and installing various state-of-the-art automation systems for manufacturing industry leaders. They now bring the experience gained in industrial automation to the residential and commercial client.

SciFiHomes sees reliability from three perspectives: products, installation, and service. First, we screen and test the product lines we offer before making them available to the client. The products chosen are from Industry Leaders with a proven track record of quality performance. Secondly, a quality installation is as important as the quality products we offer. In order to give the client a reliable installation, we do an in-depth study to properly evaluate and determine the best method to use for an installation. Thirdly, our service separates us from many others as we pledge to always be prompt, courteous, and have a staff member available for customer information or support.

For SciFiHomes, integrity is a key element in our foundation principles. We stand committed to our clients, to always develop the very best solution that meets each customers’ needs and wants. SciFiHomes will always maintain the highest standards in our industry, and will be involved in organizations that continually push for higher standards. SciFiHomes believes that quality workmanship begins with well-trained and certified professionals. The entire staff is educated routinely of the latest technologies available through seminars and classroom study to maintain professional certifications.

These three foundation principles: experience, reliability, and integrity are built around SciFiHomes’ cornerstone – Customer Satisfaction. What SciFiHomes pledges is superior customer satisfaction that will take the necessary steps to deliver a superior solution with an unmatched support team.


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