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An automated home provides temperature and lighting control for energy savings, integrated UL-Listed security for enhanced safely, and the convenience of telephone and internet access and control. When it comes to your home there are many packages you can buy at SciFiHomes. We provide you with some of the best packages offered today using the latest in automation technology.
Enhanced Safety
Your SciFiHomes system is a fully functioning UL-Listed security system – only smarter! Your system monitors and alerts you of: intrusion, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, water leaks, etc. You can call in to your system to check on the status of your home or adjust lights and temperature. Additionally, lighting controls can make a vacant home look and sound occupied. In the event of a fire, your air conditioner is turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire. Optimal interior lighting aids in your family’s safe exit.
Lighting Control
For the ultimate in convenience, your SciFiHomes System has automated lighting sequences for ‘good night,’ ‘good morning,’ or ‘entertainment.’ Program lights to come on what a door is opened or when a car enters the driveway. Light up a dark hallway when motion is sensed. Enjoy lighting timed with the sunset and sunrise. Create a dramatic or relaxing effect in your home with true architectural lighting scenes to enhance your enjoyment of parties, family movie nights, and romantic dinners for two.
Temperature Control
Superior comfort with energy savings. Precision electronics maintain an even temperature for your family’s ultimate comfort and saves on your utility bill.
Motion Detection
Serves a dual purpose: Security for intrusion, occupancy for automatic lighting.
Pool & Spa
Controls filters, timers, heating, temperatures, solar control and more.
Vehicle Detection
Announce visitors, turn on lights, and switch on TV to view driveway, etc.
Architectural quality lighting control, passive security for “lived-in” look.
HAI Web-link 2 allows you to control and see status of your SciFiHomes system from anywhere via the web. VIEW A DEMO HERE (opens in new window)
Control your SciFi home system for security, temperatures, and status via any phone at home or away. Also, get a call to advise on temperature, security and more.
Heating & Cooling
Be comfortable at home, save energy when you’re away. Indoor/Outdoor temperature and energy management.
Multi-Room Audio
Control music volume around the house with your SciFiHomes system.
Professional quality UL-Listed security is built in to SciFiHomes controls.
SciFiHomes systems can control your irrigation solenoid valves for lawn sprinklers, plus inputs for rain sensing.
SciFiHomes System Omnistat by HAI
Communicating thermostats for heating & cooling control displays time and outdoor temperature.
Web-Link 2 & OmniTouch
If you choose, you can access and control your Omni SciFiHomes system over the internet with HAI’s Web-Link 2 software. Check on your house with video surveillance, verify the kids have arrived home from school with email notificaion, or disarm security system for an arriving guest. Web-Link 2 makes it easy to stay connected to home and family!

VIEW A DEMO HERE (opens in new window)

The OmniTouch provides a fun and affordable interface for the award-winning Omni Family systems. It allows one touch control of security, temperature, lighting, audio, and other home control functions.

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