Q1. What type of electronic services does SciFiHomes offer?

A1. We specialize in integrating security, home automation, structured wiring, and home theater into a powerful and dynamic blend of today’s technologies that provide a unique living experience and environment for the home and business.

Q2. What is home automation?, and how does it help provide a more secure environment and living experience?

A2. With a SciFiHomes installed security system, you will be alerted of an intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, water leaks, and more. You can call your system to check on the status of your home or adjust the lights and temperature. Additionally, lighting controls can make a vacant home look occupied. In the event of a fire, your air conditioner is turned of to deter the spread of smoke and fire. Optimal interior lighting aids in your family’s safe exit.
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Q3. Does SciFiHomes offer whole house residential wiring?

A3. Yes. We offer standard home wiring for new construction and remodeling.

Q4. What security products and services does SciFiHomes offer?

A4. We offer two industry brand names: HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) and GE Security. Within each brand name are product lines available to match each customer’s unique needs with a customized hi-tech solution. We stand out from others because each installation comes with our signature high-quality and high-performance promise that is backed by our unmatched technical support staff and in-depth training for each family member or business staff.

Q5. What is structured wiring, and can it be retrofitted into my existing home or business?

A5. Structured Wiring is a complete home or business wiring system for security, control, communications, and entertainment – fully integrated with the systems already in the home, anticipating technological advances and laying the foundation for future home technologies and smart home enhancements.

Q6. How can Home Theater enhance my video watching experience and daily living environment?

A6. Everyone loves watching movies on the “big screen.” Creating a professional home theater system is the process of replicating the dynamic sound and vivid picture “experience” of a full size movie theater as closely as possible within your own home. The components can be integrated to interact with all aspects of the automated home.

Q7. What payments does SciFiHomes accept?

A7. We accept most major credit cards, cash, checks, and PayPal.
American Express – Visa – Mastercard – Discover/Novus

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